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Arthur Kitchener - The Wordsmith


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1. Sunlight Of The Spirit
2. Nazarene
3. Sweet Little Princess
4. Only Yesterday
5. The Father I Knew
6. Back Street Warrior
7. He's Everything
8. On The Night I Came Home
9. Someone Up There Likes Me
11.Bushwacker Billy
12.The Wordsmith
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All music written by Arthur Kitchener
Download 10th March 2011

4.0 out of 5 stars great folk music !!, March 26, 2011 By 
This review is from: The Wordsmith (MP3 Download)

I downloaded the MP3s on this album and I truly find them very restful when I'm trying to get my mind to go somewhere else after a long day. Its also great to work to. If you're doing work with your hands that will let your mind go and listen to the music this is great.

"Wordsmith is a truly great album, im gettin into it more and more. so many great lyrics reflecting great workin class stories. very moving. love listenin to it drivin my van it stops me gettin road rage and reminds me of bein chilled to bob dylan. bushwacker billie, bushwacker billie"
..........John Garber - Toot n Skamen

Dion DiMucci.

This Is Kent Article

Arthur Kitchener is not a new artist. He has been an active musician and writer ever since his early days in South London playing Bass for many bands including The Balham Alligators.

His solo career started after moving to Herne Bay in the 70’s and joining the team at Europa Sound Studios (Folkestone) and his highly successful single “Ska Wars” on Red Admiral Records as artist Arthur Kay. Many years have passed as Arthur forged his art leading bands of many genres. This solo album is his first on Red Admiral as he returns to his roots as The Wordsmith."There have been three things that have been consistent from my teenage years and they are. My love of The music of Dion DiMucci. My love of Millwall football club and my belief in a Higher Power".
-  "I first heard the music of Dion in a film called 'Twist Around The Clock' while I was on the run from Shephall Manor, a school for maladjusted boys. His music gave me a direction that still continues today".
--  "My love of Millwall started a few years later. Coming from South London Millwall was a short train ride from where I grew up in Streatham. I attended Matches with a Shephall Manor friend who lived round the corner from ground".
---"I have never doubted the existence of a power greater than myself that looked after me when I went through some very dark years in my life..
The 12 songs on 'The Wordsmith' reflect those three things and without over explanation.


Born in South London in 1948, the son of a soldier and piano teacher, it wasn’t until buying his first record 'The Wanderer' by Dion that his love of music first started. His mother bought him a second hand acoustic guitar and with the help of a friend he learned 'House of the Rising Sun'.

In the summer of 1965 he joined up with 3 youngsters from a local youth club and formed his first band 'Noddy and the Plods', who never gigged outside of the garage they practiced in. By Christmas that year he had switched to Bass Guitar and joined a band called The Shapes and in February 1966 played his first ever gig at the Holy Redeemer Hall in Streatham Vale. By October the same year Arthur had moved on to join The Next Collection a top south London band which subsequently changed their name to Second Hand. Their album 'Reality' was released on Polydor Records who then went on to include two of their tracks on the 'Deep Overground Pop' album which featured amongst others The Who and Jimi Hendrix.

Arthur left Second Hand in 1968 due to musical differences. By this time however, listening to Bob Dylan and his contempories he started his journey once again into acoustic music, playing bass for an acoustic band in folk clubs in South London. On one occasion the rest of the band failed to show and Ivan St Clair, who ran the club, asked him to do a floor spot. 'The only song I remember playing was, Lilly of the West' he recalls. Taking a break from the folk scene he carried on playing bass with fellow musicians Ron Kavana and Keith Chilvers in top London Bluegrass band Panama Red. By the end of 1977 Panama Red had split up. Now living in Clerkenwell, Arthur started to write his own songs.'' Stevedore'' being an early one from this period.. He then joined a top London Cajun outfit The Balham Alligators also playing bass with Doctor John on occasions. Having to leave the Alligators and his native London (due to family circumstances) he moved to Kent.

Eventually becoming dissatisfied with playing bass he once again returned to his acoustic guitar and began writing new songs influenced by the rich experiences he'd had throughout his colourful life. While in Canterbury, a chance meeting with an old friend Mark Hewins was to give him the inspiration to go it alone as a singer/songwriter and to share his songs, old and new, with a new audience. Since then he has taken his unique style to  the cafe's of Glastonbury, through to the Wasted Festival and to the London Astoria being received warmly wherever he goes.
His first cd album on Red Admiral Records ''The Wordsmith'' stands as a testament to over  40 years in the music Business. 

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This review is from: The Wordsmith (MP3 Download)
I have realized for the longest time that our acoustic singer songwriters and their cover songs and originals give us the best music there is today. Almost all of it is on satellite radio and those singer songwriter stations really pull. This is because the best musicians and cover artists are located in this genre. The kids and the glam artists have millions of fans but the quality is in the guitarists and the musicians. One of the most endeared individuals we have for so many years is the incomparable James Taylor.

I have someone for you who not only is very good but someone who after you are exposed to his music will go to a club on a snowy night to enjoy. He is Arthur Kitchener who is an English acoustic artist whose album The Wordsmith is an outstanding example of how an experienced and vintage recording artist can make you feel as a listener that you are being subjected to professional and pleasurable music. Some of the selections refer to historical scenarios and Arthur is a very accomplished musician. So it is my best recommendation to purchase The Wordsmith for a clear experience in fine music. You will be very enthused with Arthur Kitchener.
...... Jay R. Adler "Music Critic" (Massapequa,NY)

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4 track EP                                                                        

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Solo albums

Arthur Kitchener - The Road I've Travelled - Somebody’s Music 2004
Arthur Kitchener - Acoustic Warrior - Lounge Records 2006
Arthur Kitchener - Belmont Avenue - HMI Records 2008
Arthur Kitchener - The Wordsmith - Red Admiral Records 2011
Arthur Kitchener – The Hobo Manifesto – CD HMI Records / Ace Records 2011
Arthur Kitchener – The Hobo Manifesto - Digital Release Red Admiral Records 2011
Arthur Kitchener – King Of The Jungle - CD Randale Records 2013

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Arthurs relationship with Millwall football Club is well known he has released a T Shirt to celebrate King Of The Jungle / Millwall T Shirts


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Some 2014 Appearances


Sunday 12th May
Schramberg, Germany - as part of Randale Records 3 Day 'Konzert'.

Gigs 2014

Thursday, March 20th at 8:30pm The Anchor Inn High Street, Wingham CT3 1B

Saturday May3 1st 2014 - The Acoustic Festival of Britain Utoxiter Race Course Wood Ln Uttoxeter, Staffordshire ST14 8BD

7th - 10th August 2104 at The Rebellion Festival
Blackpool, Winter Gardens on the Almost Acoustic stage




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