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The Sharpees
'Strangers' CD Album
1980-2005 Retro 80's Rock Band

Re-issue April 2009

Red Admiral Records

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- This collectors album was recorded over 30 years ago and was reissued by Red Admiral as a limited edition which is now available again. The band's sound is very Tom Pettyish

Bill Mead (bass guitar and lead vocals)
Pete Goody (lead/rythm guitars and vocals)
Original Drummer John Smith
New Drummer Malcolm joined the band in 2004.

The Sharpee's formed from the top circuit band "Rebel" in the 80's. In 2004 they went back on the road to promote their album "Strangers" and reintroduce some great 80's covers music to their public.
Only video of the band - shot by a fan at The Happy Frenchman in Folkestone in 2004
Here - 219Kbps 7.4 Meg Real Player required

Downloads - CD - 7.99

History to 2011

The Sharpees set was about bringing crossover punk blues with a rock influence, into the twenty first century with great success. Their music while being blues based, pushes the boundaries through strong song, great hooks and some scintillating playing. The cool juxtaposition between the subtle and the frenetic and the with transitions from quiet to loud, punctuated by complimentary guitars, is at the core of their unique style that is distinctive in the generic blues/rock field.

The Sharpee's UK line-up went down very well and old friends commented that this line-up was a whole step forward.

Billy Mead (bass guitar and vocals) is the remaining core member of the Sharpee's that along with former members has brought their music to the masses of fans for numerable years.
Billy is a very talented and original bass player with his own style.
Billy Mead from the original Sharpee's. A North Kent based band made up of three ex-members of Rebel who played at most of the Kent and London circuit in the late 70's and early 80's. They released their first single "Rocka Shocka" with the well known East London label Bridgehouse Records.. Billy's long history of differing styles which mesh with the band' strange aggressive mix of Blues/ rock/country/classical styles so well, ensure that the band is always exciting and fresh with much improvisation

The Reformed Sharpee's - History pre 2009

Geoff Everett (lead/rhythm guitars and vocals)
Geoff started playing guitar and singing aged 13 and started gigging straight away at parties, local dances, etc. with three piece formed with school mates.
At 17 joined the "Chicago Line Blues Band" a semi pro band (nurtured under the auspices of Blue Horizon's Mike and Dick Vernon) who played at prestigious clubs such as the Eel Pie Island blues venue in Twickenham supporting and sometimes jamming with the likes of Keef Hartley, Art Wood (Ronnie's brother), Ritchie Blackmore, etc, etc. When he asked an almost unknown Rod Stewart at Eel Pie for career advice the answer was to give 100% to wine, women - and don't forget the music either. The other members had no ambition and threw away good gigs, promotion and a possible album for the band.
A band from Earls Court came next but their lack of ambition caused Geoff to split and try a project with Alan Lancaster from Status Quo. Quo had a sudden change in fortune when they switched from pop to rock and Alan was whisked off. The rest of the band were taken under the wing of George Young and Harry Vander from the Easybeats. George and Harry's time and energy, though, had to be consumed by a band formed by George's brothers - Angus and Malcolm.
Needing money and to escape the dreaded 9 to 5, Country music filled the musical gap and Geoff travelled the UK and abroad with several country bands. When at home he taught classical guitar privately and at adult education classes. Totally unfulfilled with playing with guys wearing stetsons and having no talent, he quit that scene forever, forming a funk blues outfit. More UK and Scandinavian tours followed and Geoff was asked to join the Cafe Racers, an early Dire Straits and led by Dave Knopfler. Great plans were hatched but the well known split up of the Knopfler brothers meant the withdrawal of mentorship and finances from brer Mark. Dave also then withdrew. A tour of Norway was the swan song of the band.
During Geoff's sessions he met Gerry Mc Avoy and Brendan O'Niel and when they were't playing with Rory Gallagher, joined Geoff in a three piece called The Mosquitos playing pubs and clubs in and around London.

Andy Jenkins (drums and vocals) joined the band in 2006.
Andy has been drumming since he was 16 and has worked with many local bands in and around the Medway Towns. He is a great drummer and really nice bloke all round. He also and deps for numerous bands. He has worked professionally in the Middle East, South Pacific and Europe. no doubt that's where he got the inscrutable smile. He was the original drummer for the blues band The Brothers Grimm and popular trio Spellbound. Andy has also appeared at Wembley Arena at the National Country Festival, where he was part of the backing band for visiting American country stars.

Due to Andy's impressive workload there are times when a guest drummer is invited to play the Sharpee's way, this brings a brilliant bonus as the set for the night is directly influenced by the skills of these great drummers

Brendan O'Niel, from Rory Gallagher's band and Nine Below Zero
Phil Wilson from Mud and ex Sweet and Tremeloes
Johnny Clark, ex Hawkwind, Huw Lloyd Langton and the Pretty Things
Simon Jeffrey,
a very fine drummer who is in much demand and who also works with Bernie Torme (Ozzy Osborne’s Blizzard of Ozz). and Rhythm Of Blues
Gordon Mills
guitarist /drummer/ producer will sit in on drums for part of the Sharpee's Performance on 29th December 2006 His credits include Mohair ("End Of The Line"), Ricky ("High Speed Silence" album), The Somatics, The Lights ("Grand Union" album), The Dub Pistols, Two Lone Swordsmen, Judie Tzuke, Razorlight, Journey South, The Bluetones ("Luxembourg" album & "After Hours"), Mark Morriss ("Filo Bedo" E.P.)
Mad Martin Symonds from Screaming Lord Sutch's band
Dave Julyan (Jazzy Dave) with the Pink Shirt
Steve Andrews

The Original Sharpee's - History pre 2006

Jan .2006
We are very chuffed to to welcome Geoff Everett who is now on guitar, he has worked with: Lord Sutch, Alan Lancaster( Quo ), Dave Knopfler( Straits ), Bob Henrit ( Kinks/Argent ) Jim Russell ( Stretch ), Gerry McAvoy and Brendan O'Neil ( Rory Gallagher/Nine Below Zero ), Jim Leverton ( Steve Marriott/Savoy Brown ) Kim Beacon ( String Driven Thing etc ) Wreckless Eric, Ian Paice ( Deep Purple), Gordon Huntley ( Matthew's Southern Comfort ) Bobby Miller (Supertramp)

Dec 2005
Busy over the years with the pressures of life in the fast lane 16hrs a day the band has inevitably had personnel changes, drummer Big Malc started working with the band in 2004 and was replaced temporarily by his dep. Sam Jaques late in 2005. Big Malc has now settled in with his new band LiteSnake. For personal reasons Pete Goody will need to leave soon so look out for the band's great new guitarist.

The band could seen and heard performing their own original music all over the South East of England along with good and favourite covers from Doctor Feelgood, The Who, The Stranglers, The Jam, The Police, Tom Petty and The Kinks.

Originally a North Kent based band made up of three ex-members of Rebel who played at most of the Kent and London circuit in the late 70's and early 80's. They released their first single "Rocka Shocka" with the well known East London label Bridgehouse Records.

In the early Eighties they started to record all original material at Graham Q Jones' Oakwood Studios in Herne Bay. The recordings were sent to various management companies and the band were offered a contract with Fischer Z Management in London and European tour as support to FischerZ plus a singles deal with A&M records. Everything was in the right place including an albums worth of material ready to go but the band unfortuanately split up on the eve of signing all contracts.

pre 2006 were formed after the break up of the successful Kent power-pop group Rebel in 1980. Bill & Pete had already started writing a lot of new original material in readiness for a more lean and raw aspect to their idea of music at that time. Rebel had also run it's time, as the members all had differing opinions on which direction to take.

pre 2006 name was derived after an eating and drinking spree in the "Mad Chef" seafood restaurant, Broadstairs, Kent, while Bill and Pete were entertaining their other halves. It actually means a rather unsavoury chap in Sydney, Australia, i.e.; spiv, thug, but Bill and Pete just loved the title!
They drafted in John Smith on drums, the most logical choice as he had been with Bill and Pete for the last 5-6 years, and was also up for the challenge.

Gig's were played all over the south coast, but most notably, some prestigious venues in London. The Marquee, Wardour Street, Soho.
Dingwalls, Camden Lock. The Nashville Rooms, Kensington (Where Motorhead's Lemmy liked the band so much he tried to buy Bill's Rickenbacker! Pete also had a Pernod contest with Steve Jones from the Sex Pistol's, and Gary Holton from The Heavy Metal Kids joined in the fun!
The Golden Lion, Fulham. The Greyhound, Fulham Broadway. The Hope And Anchor, Islington.

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