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Pelican Babies
Three Lions Blazing - World Cup Single
Genre: Pop
Red Admiral Records

6th April 2010

Sample Three Lions Bazing

The rousing song and video performance by the Pelican Babies encapsulates the enthusiasm and heart felt passion that no doubt will grip the nation in the coming months

The song “Three Lions Blazing” is dedicated to the true fans of English football and originally was created to specifically celebrate the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Pelican Babies will also be supporting the Great Ormond Street Hostpital Children’s Charity by donating royalties from itunes downloads.

The artists Pelican Babies perform regularly as a duo, their acoustic sound consisting of guitar, didgeridoo and harmonica.

Mark Connelly and Lea Nixon have had resounding success before as songwriters with their song “Some Say” performed by ‘Miss Jess’, featured on the Walt Disney album and film ‘Zenon Z3’ released in the USA, Italy, Netherlands, Australia and Sweden

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