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Party Phreaks
Album: Party Time
Genre: Dance / Party / Hip Hop / Rapsing
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August 1st 2012

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Party Phreaks as a full band have only recently been unleashed on their local club scene in Zambia and now the World.
Their debut album will astonish you with over an hour of great music.

Party Phreaks Good Time music will get the attention of Party Lovers everywhere. No matter what colour, creed or country. We all love to Party!

Hi, my name is Zozi Jones and I am the 'Party Phreaks 'bandleader. I rap and I sing but most of the times I do both, I like to call it Rapsing,  plus I am also a song writer…the kind that writes from the heart (if you know what I mean). Music has been an emotional roller coaster for me, especially at the time my style of rapping and singing was not recognised as a talent. I started writing songs at the age of 13. In 2009 I met my best bud Moomba Hamukwala  aka  M.R Sippin  who believed  I was the greatest rapper alive. Together we took the hood on fire with our rap music, and even though our music then was all about pain and life situations, the hustle and the grind we also kept the fun part of music. I decided not to go to college like my friend but put in more effort to drive the music to international level, sacrificing my job with the immigration office. Working hand in hand with F.Biko  I spent sleepless nights looking for  a publisher, label and perfect talent  resulting in the miracle and a blessing of 3 beautiful talented girls (Kassy, Luna, Tasha) The 5 of us made Party Phreaks. I think it’s going to be a party time for a very long time.

Steven Chama Jr. is my off-stage name but you can call me ‘F.Biko. I am a musician by profession but I guess that’s pretty obvious. I am the ‘Party Phreaks’ producer and like to play guitar but being a Party Phreaks artist kind-of takes most of my free time.  When I first produced Zozi Jones’, ‘Soldier On The Battle Field’ and ‘Devil Dance In The Morning’ we started writing a party love song called ‘Loving Her Tonight’.  Although it was destined for a National television program we decided to keep the song and create a band that represented all the party people around the world. 
I love the experience of being a Party Phreak.

Work, Party, Work, Party….it’s your girl Kassy. Party always, just to shine like bald heads. lol
But way before the work and the parties, I was born in a small town called Kabwe  and my pretty mom taught me the best lessons of life a daughter could ever l and I took everything she taught me to heart and that’s how I’m still mama’s little perfect girl. I love wearing heels, a perfect hobby for me because I really love shoes (heels to be specific..lol). My favourite colour is pink and a little black too. I like to make myself look beautiful but most importantly I am comfortable in my own skin.
I love Party Phreaks and I love to party. And now we rocka party.

So I’m the girl they call Luna but my real name is Lucy Nkhoma. I started singing before I could learn how to crow. I am a happy person; I love to have me a good time. If its going down best, believe me I am there. I like to see things positive and colourful. I always look to the fun side of life plus with good fun comes good food..lol. I am the second last born in my family but the youngest female so my parents have put so many freaking fences around me. Some say I’m crazy and weird but I just say “thanks for noticing” lol. 
I love being a Party Phreak, Halla xoxo

Party Girl Swagger - My name is Natasha Shula, internationally known as Tasha. I sing and also rap a little. I’m a simple kind of person, don’t like show offs. I love red, black, purple colours and like to have a good time.. lol. It’s a must to have a good time when you are a Party Phreak. I love eating, shopping, and partying but also find reading kind of fun (party people have to be educated…). My dad is a preacher so you should know I am a very good girl, lol. but true. ‘THANKS PARTY PHREAKS’ At the end of the day, I’m blessed and I am a Party Phreak, so glad to be here, it feels so right and just like the lyrics in Party Time (intro),
 “We are hotter than hell with the grace of heaven” We are just like another kind of family fun in our own way

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