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Mirkwood ALbum Cover

Title: Mirkwood
2008 - 35th Anniversary - first CD Edition
Red Admiral Records

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No.56 of the 200 rarest albums of all time. Nov 2008.' Record Collector'

The First Release:of this historic album was a limited edition in 1973 of only 99 copies. Now in 2008 it's 35th year with a collectors value of over £800 this classic rock album is now available on CD for the first time with a 12 page booklet about the legendary Dover band.

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First Release: (Flams Ltd PR 1067) 1973 limited edition of 99 copies
Second Limited Release (Tenth Planet TP 003).

Vinyl Limited release Amber Soundroom Germany - ASLP015AS LP015
Licensed for CD Garden Of Delights on their sub-label "Thors Hammer" (THCD 004) 2008 great booklet in English and German
12" limited vinyl release in USA on Machu Piccu Records PICCHU3 December 2013 40th Anniversary

Jack and Mick are recording together again Mirkwood 2 ????

History and stories.

Derek Bowley, lead vocals
Jack Castle guitar, vocals
D Evans, bass guitar
Mick Morris, guitar, vocals

Steve Smith, drums

1. Take My Love (J. Castle) Cringe Music
2. Love's Glass of Sunshine (J. Castle) Cringe Music
3. Just Because (J. Castle) Cringe Music
4. The Leech (M. Morris) Cringe Music
5. The Vision (J. Castle) Cringe Music
6. Clockwise (J. Castle) Cringe Music
7. Lavendula (J. Castle) Cringe Music

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