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Martin Young
Album: Watergrain
Genre: Folk
Red Admiral Records
CD: 4th October 2013

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For an album I was definitely not going to make, this has been so much fun!
If I hadn’t turned up to see my old mate Graeme Taylor this would never have happened —and now look! We’ve ended up with pirates, highwaymen, lost love, heroes and villains.
It was at Broadstairs Folk Week Graeme spoke the fateful words, “Are you going to make another CD?” The answer was, of course, “Definitely not!”

AND HERE IT IS! The CD I am definitely not going to make.

The first line is absolutely true. As for the rest…

FRIENDS (Trad. Arr. M Long)
In 2004 Christopher Finney of the Blues and Royals was awarded the George Cross. He saved colleagues from a burning tank during the Iraq war. Had it been in the face of enemy fire he would have probably received the Victoria Cross. Doesn’t seem fair to me.

When a friend is in a relationship of which you do not approve you want to say, “Dump Duane!” don’t you? However, it’s not for you to speak out or interfere, is it? So the next best thing is to write this song, isn‘t it?

FAVERSHAM: Oyster Bay (M Long / R Egle)

BOLD LOVELL (Trad. Arr. M Long)
We had great fun with this, an English version of “Whiskey In The Jar”. John Kirkpatrick lets rip. This must be the first meeting of Bach and Abba.

Coldbath Fields was a prison by the River Fleet in Clerkenwell, London. Purpose-built in 1788 it was the Guantanamo Bay of its day. Habeas Corpus had been suspended denying inmates the right of trial and appeal; it was one of several emergency powers that became known as William Pitt’s “Reign Of Terror” forced through Parliament after the French Revolution. Two of them became known as the “Gagging Laws”. Tom Paine had fled to France before he could stand trial for seditious libel and was  found guilty in absentia.

FAVERSHAM: Iron Wharf (M Long / R Egle)

FAREWELL TO WORK (Trad. Arr. M Long)
Since its inception successive governments have attempted to “improve” the welfare system but this Con-Dem “coalition” takes the biscuit by increasing the wealth of the richest while cutting the benefits of the poorest and weakest, claiming to “help” them into jobs —that don’t exist. Apparently it’s all our fault that we’re in this mess.

CAPTAIN WARD (Trad. Arr. M Long)
John Ward was a sherman’s son from Faversham in Kent. He became a privateer until James I outlawed the practice in an effort to end the Spanish War and bring peace to England. In 1603 Ward led a mass desertion from the English navy, stole a ship and defected to the Ottoman Empire’s outpost at Tunis. He became a Barbary Corsair, “the greatest scoundrel that ever sailed”. There he lived, converting to Islam, until reports of his death from the plague reached England in 1622.

FAVERSHAM: King Stephen’s Bones (M Long / R Egle)

Many species of animal have left our shores over the years. Some out of necessity, others out of greed. Perhaps it’s time the rest of us followed suit.

This is an invitation to those who have done so much for their own gain and so little for the world.
Topical twice a year.

FAVERSHAM: NO RIVER Saxon Shore/Rain And Fishes/Pax Romana/Sunset Over Standard Quay (M Long / R Egle)
A tribute to my adopted home town.
The first two parts were written for “The Faversham Suite” in a show presented by the band, Bowstring, as part of the Faversham Festival in 2012. Ramona added two further parts, playing all the instruments and sharing the vocals with her twin sister Zinta.

For lyrics go to: www.martinyoung-bowstring.co.uk

MARTIN YOUNG Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Cittern
GRAEME TAYLOR Electric Guitars, Acoustic/Slide Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin
RAMONA EGLE Celtic Harp, Whistles, Mandolin, Violin, Vocals
MICHAEL GREGORY Drums, Percussion
JOHN KIRKPATRICK Accordion, Concertina, Vocals
TIM EDEY Melodeon, Acoustic Guitar

Music written by Martin Long and Romana Egle Published by Cringe Music

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