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Crispian St Peters and Old Crow

Crispian St.PetersCrispian St.Peters began his career in 1957 as a young man, eventually and inevitably rising to fame with Top Ten hit records 'You Were On My Mind' in 1965 and 'Pied Piper' (written by Artie Kornfield, promoter of Woodstock ) in 1966, No.1 in Canada plus many others such as 'At This Moment' and 'No,No,No' which were being played around the rest of the world. His astounding fame and unbelievable talent spread around the world, where he was met by screaming fans in every country he visited. His self penned songs were written with true emotion and when he performed he sang with such feeling and a natural professionalism that always left his audiences wanting more and unabie to believe the overwhelming talent and charisma that oozed from this remarkable man with the wonderful voice.

Celebrating reaching 70 in 2009 and over 50 years in the music business, Crispian is loved, cherished and admired by anyone and everyone fortunate enough to meet him. To know him is a pleasure, to hear him sing is an experience of a lifetime, once heard never forgotten.
Spending the his whole life dedicated to his love of music Crispian has travelled the world performing and entertaining and done many television and radio shows, continually writing new songs, many as yet not heard by the public. Songs that one day the people will hear and be amazed.
His band, Old Crow, was formed about 30years ago. The name was thought of by his original steel guitar player, the late great Gordon Huntley, with the help of bass player George Plummer, Gordon was also a man of fame and talent who performed and recorded with many of the most famous American country singers, his name can be seen in the hall of fame at Nashville.

Crispian St. Peters

1 Jean
2 The Rain Song
3 She's Coming Back Home
4 Story Of My Life
5 Hello Mary Lou
6 Shenandoah
7 She's Not You
8 My Touch My Kiss
9 The Water Spring
10 Summer Love
11 Senorita Rosalita
12 There Must Be A Reason
13 Eighteen Yellow Roses
14 For This You Died
15 Winter To Winter
16 Sent From Up Above
17 Food For Thought
18 Robot Assasins
19 It Won't Be Paradise

CD Album
Country, Pop and Gospel
Red Admiral Records

Release September 1st 2009

The Album -19 tracks of Country, Pop and Gospel was made over a period of 3 months
in 1993.with his lifetime friends and band Old Crow.  It is a compilation of a few of the 200+ songs written by Crispian St. Peters, some not released before. Plus some classic covers that are great favourites of the band.
Featured vocalists are Crispian St Peters, Margaret Rose, Gary Silver and Brian Star with Mainstays Mike Ford on Bass and Peter Salisbury on Drums. Valuable contributions to the album were made by Kevin Pyne, Roger Cotton, Toby Chapman, Anthony Wimshurst, Jeff Martin, Peter Sure, Barry Sibbett, Lorez, Ted Taylor and the band Gambler.

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Old Crow – The Band

A band of musicians each playing their own part working well together as one unit under the guidance and influence of the master - Crispian St.Peters. The man they love and admire. When Crispian was forced to retire. due to a stroke in late 1993, the band carried on as Old Crow, never allowing the audience to forget that they were Crispians band. Although Crispian could no longer play guitar or perform on stage he was still their leader in every way and still is today. The band and Crispian are one happy unit of friends and family of long standing, they don't just work together they also play together as close friends in their social lives.

Margaret Rose first met Crispian and became a close friend in 1983, when she hired him and his band for a venue, that she and Brian Star were promoting. She then enjoyed trying to promote Crispian in other venues and various other ways. When Crispian found out she could also sing, after hearing some recordings, he encouraged her to sing duets with him and eventually solo, so she was now part of the band. Crispian has been her rock throughout her career and is the reason she is singing today. She has also written and recorded a few songs that have been played on radio in USA and the Continent. Margaret Rose is now performing as the
'Silver Rose' duo, with her son-in-law, Gary Silver, but continues to work for and with Crispian in both his professional and private life. She really enjoys recording Crispian’s songs.

Mike Ford joined Old Crow playing bass in 1984, but he was no stranger to Crispian St.Peters as they have been friends since school days and still are. Mike was also with one of Crispians old bands called The Wheels. His knowledge and expertise of music and arranging has been welcomed in the recording studio. He has also written and recorded some of his own musical compositions including a song he wrote for and recorded by Margaret Rose, yet to be released. Although he is now retired from gigging he is still very much involved in music. Mike plays bass, keyboards and helps Crispian with arranging when in the studio. He also makes backing tracks for Silver Rose. Recently he has done the composition and recording of some new songs for Margaret Rose and Gary Silver that were written by Crispian St.Peters.(These are not on Night Sessions Vol.l.)

Peter Salisbury - the drummer joined the band in 1984. He had previously played with other wellknown artists and various bands. Although he has now retired he continues to be involved in the music of the other members and takes an active part in the recordings, also enjoys going to the rehearsals of Silver Rose. Peter now spends his time visiting and touring as many places as he can, he has become quite a traveller in his caravanette. He has always been the joker of the band, with a funny story or a joke to tell keeping everyone happy. Besides playing the drums with the band he also sang top harmomies. Peter also loves to reminisce about the good old days with the band and the others join in remembering the good times they all had with Crispian.

Brian Star first met Crispian in 1983, as previously mentioned. He would help Margaret and Crispian with any promotional work, travelling arrangements and any kind of behind the scene necessities. He enjoyed coming along to the gigs to support the band and with a little encouragement would get up on stage and give a couple of songs. Eventually as the years went on his appearances on stage became more regular and he became another member of the band. Now retired from the band he performs as the duo Pop'N'Stuff with is brother Richard. They are now recording a CD of cover versions to sell at gigs. Although no longer with Old Crow, Brian still enjoys getting involved in anything they do.

Gary Silver was the last member to join the band, also the youngest. At first he would just sing a couple of songs with marvelous renditions of Elvis Presley. Then Crispian taught him to play the guitar and in no time at all he was singing and playing rhythm guitar with the band. When Crispian was indisposed after his stroke Gary was thrown in at the deep end and fronted the band with the help of Margaret and Brian. He is at the moment dueting with Margaret Rose as the 'Silver Rose' duo. They have also been recording together and compiling a CD of Crispians self penned songs. (not the ones on night sessions vol.1.).


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