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Arthur Kitchener
Album :Street Poet
Red Admiral Records
24th Feb 2014

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The journey to the 'Street Poet' began in 1976 on a hot summers day on a trailer in London. The music scene had moved into the London pubs and I was playing double-bass in Panama Red, one of the only Bluegrass bands in London.

Ron Kavana played Mandolin in the band and had a massive influence on me. I got to hear a lot of great music in Ron's flat. He got us a gig at the 1976 Notting Hill Carnival performing on the back of a trailer. Before we did our set, an old street poet recited a wonderful poem to an apathetic audience, he received no applause and shuffled back into the crowd unnoticed. To me that guy was the new William Shakespeare - He left a lasting impression on me, and along with the growing Punk scene, inspired me to become a writer.

Many years later and wandering through a mass of musical styles, I was blessed with the good fortune of meeting Steve Freeman and his partner Chelle, I wanted to make an album that drew on the music that shaped my own musical journey.

I have always loved Rock 'n' Roll. When I first heard and saw Dion singing THE WANDERER it was like a bomb going off inside me. In a London before Mods, there were only Rockers - This 13 year-old would ride round on my hand-built track bike wearing a Marlon Brando style black leather jacket and Winklepicker shoes. I still have that first record I bought - 'The Wanderer' by Dion.

Just like 'The Who' I played in 60's Mod bands until it all went psychedelic during the 1967 Summer of Love. By this time I was really into Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. A good biker mate took me to The Nightingale Cafe in Biggin Hill where I heard all this amazing Rock 'n' Roll played live by a band called The Wild Angels. 'Street Poet' is my way of thanking all the friends and musicians for their inspiration that influences my ongoing musical journey.

I would like particularly to thank Martin Jacko Jackson from those Wild Angels days at the Nightingale, without whose support this album would not have been possible.

This album is my way of thanking all my friends and those who have influenced my music. With special thanks going to musicians Steve & Chelle Freeman and Steve Wyse, without whose support this album would not have been possible.

Also included is the Arthur 'n' Harry version of 'On The Night I Came Home', along with 'Sunlight Of The Spirit' by way of two bonus tracks.

Now we have a new generation of brave soldiers and a new generation of war widows.
The Single 'The Father I Knew' featuring my son Harry is out on iTunes and a donation from each track download will be made to 'Help for Heroes'.

Arthur Kitchener - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Bass on Track 5,6 & 11
Steve Freeman – Keyboards, Guitar and Bass
Chelle Freeman – Keyboards & BV’s
Steve Wyse – Percussion
Harry Kitchener-Trevillion - Flute
Tk 1-11. Produced and Engineered by Steve Freeman at Guilty Secrets Studios, Canterbury, Kent.
Tk.12. Keith Chilvers at Soggy Chobham Studios, Surrey.

Arthur Kitchener
Album :The Wordsmith
Genre:Singer / Songwriter/Folk
Red Admiral Records
CD & Digital
10th March 2011

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Arthur Kitchener
Album :The Hobo Manifesto
Genre:Singer / Songwriter/Folk
HMI/Ace/Red Admiral Records
CD 31st Oct
Digital 28th Nov 2011

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Arthur Kitchener
Digital Single:The Father I Knew
Genre:Singer / Songwriter/Folk
Red Admiral Records
9th December 2013

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''The Father I Knew” is one of, if not the most heartfelt songs I have ever written and recorded. It’s about my father who was a regular soldier in the Royal Artillery. Like a lot of his generation joined up in the 1930s to avoid a life hanging around the streets. He was engaged in the battle for Singapore and when the invading Japanese army took Singapore my dad and a friend escaped his captors and made it though the jungle surviving on rat Infested swamp water. He caught Meliodosis a jungle disease through drinking swamp water to stay alive and although he was badly disabled, met my mum. They got married after the war in February 1947 and I was born in 1948. My dad died in 1950 and left my mother a War Widow. ...Arthur

Arthur Kitchener is not a new artist. He has been an active musician and writer ever since his early days in South London playing Bass for many bands including The Balham Alligators.

His solo career started after moving to Herne Bay in the 70’s and joining the team at Europa Sound Studios (Folkestone) and his highly successful single “Ska Wars” on Red Admiral Records as artist Arthur Kay. Many years have passed as Arthur forged his art leading bands of many genres. The Wordsmith is his first solo album on Red Admiral as he returns to his roots as

The Wordsmith.
There have been three things that have been consistent from my teenage years and they are. My love of The music of Dion DiMucci. My love of Millwall football club and my belief in a Higher Power.
-   I first heard the music of Dion in a film called ''Twist Around The clock'' while I was on the run from Shephall Manor, a school for maladjusted boys. His music gave me a direction that still continues today
--  My love of Millwall started a few years later. Coming from South London Millwall was a short train ride from where I grew up in Streatham. I attended Matches with a Shephall Manor friend who lived round the corner from ground.
---  I have never doubted the existence of a power greater than myself that looked after me when I went through some very dark years in my life.
The 12 songs on this album reflect those three things and without over explanation.

“Sounds like a cross between Bruce Springsteen; Woody Guthrie and Billy Bragg”.. Music Maker Magazine.

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4 track EP                                                                        

Millwall FC and Supporters - Let Em Come! - Captain Millwall 1999

Solo albums
Arthur Kitchener - The Road I've Travelled - Somebody’s Music 2004
Arthur Kitchener - Acoustic Warrior - Lounge Records 2006
Arthur Kitchener - Belmont Avenue - HMI Records 2008
Arthur Kitchener - The Wordsmith - Red Admiral Records 2011
Arthur Kitchener – The Hobo Manifesto – CD HMI Records / Ace Records 2011
Arthur Kitchener – The Hobo Manifesto - Digital Release Red Admiral Records 2011
Arthur Kitchener King Of The Jungle - CD Randale Records 2013

Gigs 2014

Thursday, March 20th at 8:30pm The Anchor Inn High Street, Wingham CT3 1B
Saturday May3 1st 2014 - The Acoustic Festival of Britain Utoxiter Race Course Wood Ln Uttoxeter, Staffordshire ST14 8BD
7th - 10th August 2104 at The Rebellion Festival Blackpool, Winter Gardens on the Almost Acoustic stage

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